The summit, created by Louis Carr in 2017, is a space for the modern Black male to openly exchange ideas, commonalities, and most importantly, uplift their brothers. Since its inception, The Blueprint has become an ever-evolving community of world-class scholars, high-impact practitioners, students, and tastemakers who transfer knowledge and build long-lasting relationships.

The summit offers a diversity of programs which are designed to elicit intellectual thought, promote discussion, and conjure ideas that can improve the future of Black males worldwide. Summit participants are encouraged to use their intellect, resources, and each other to combat the unyielding oppression pressed upon this demographic. We hope, through camaraderie, each man locates their inner roadmap that will assist them on their journey to greatness and thus create a better future. Together, we’ll find the blueprint within.

By connecting men of color to a community of resources that promote education and advancement, we strive to be a strong and undeniable proponent of black elevation. Our mission is rooted in Louis Carr’s core belief—the power of mentorship inspires young men to establish a foundation that provides the tools necessary to become successful men in all facets of their lives.

As oppression has defined our past and stunted our future, we desire to connect multi-generational black males who have the will and know how to redirect our course by searching inward. With an abundance of knowledge and the power of resources, we believe success knows no bounds. Our purpose is the future. We seek to prepare men of all ages and backgrounds for internal and external prosperity.