Manteo Mitchell is a World Champion and Silver Olympic medalist whose performance captured the attention of millions around the world during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. As Manteo ran for Team USA in the preliminaries of the 4×400-meter relay, his left fibula bone snapped. Manteo kept going. His endurance allowed the relay team to earn a spot in the event finals. The team ultimately won second place, earning the silver medal. Manteo’s story is considered “one of the most memorable of the Summer Olympic Games”, and now, his name is synonymous with athletic achievement, determination and success on and off the field. When the U.S. Olympic team visited the White House on September 2012, President Obama stated that Manteo’s performance was one of his “favorite stories of the whole Olympics.” Manteo’s story is one that is rare and unique, but incredibly inspiring. He always keeps going.