Judge Mathis is the longest-running African-American male host on television, now entering Season 21 of the Emmy® winning nationally syndicated, reality-based court show Judge Mathis. Judge Mathis is a national figure known for his advocacy campaigns for urban youth and equal justice. His inspirational life story of a street youth who rose from jail to Judge has provided hope to millions who watch him on the award-winning television court show, Judge Mathis, each day.

In each hour-long episode, Mathis lays down the law, presiding over real, hard-hitting cases, and Mathis’ decisions are legal and binding. The hallmark of Judge Mathis is the judge himself, as he combines a refreshing mix of social commentary, humor, and humanity. His use of the bench to provide resolution and counseling to litigants before him during each episode has catapulted Judge Mathis to the forefront of a national dialogue about real issues facing contemporary society ranging from responsible fatherhood to the opioid epidemic. Judge Mathis has had many success stories, particularly with litigants seeking treatment for drug addiction. Judge Mathis has sent many litigants to drug rehabilitation programs that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise and helped them regain control of their lives. His long-term personal involvement exemplifies his dedication to uplifting those who step into his courtroom as well as those who tune in to the show.

In 2009, in honor of his years of work and commitment to his hometown of Detroit, the city named one of the streets, Mathis Avenue, after him. The street is part of a new housing development, which replaced the housing projects he grew up in.

Judge Mathis is married, and the proud father of four children, and recently became a grandfather.