Ian Brock is a 15-year-old Chicago native, co-founder of Beyond The Cookie® and Dream Hustle Code, rookie coder, and “soon to be” author. For his upcoming book, Dream Hustle Code, he has already interviewed forty-eight amazing individuals from entrepreneurs to Hollywood figures, to tech billionaires. His mission is to inspire kids to help them develop a stronger belief in themselves and their ability to learn computer science/coding. Dream Hustle Code is on a mission to create innovators and level the playing field for underrepresented individuals in the tech industry, especially students from under-resourced communities. By empowering schools and communities with tools to reinvent themselves in the 21st Century, Dream Hustle Code hopes to create and inspire future computer scientists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. He has been featured in several notable publications including Forbes and Black Enterprise. Also, Brock has been invited to speak at Google (Los Angeles and Mountain View) and Startup Grind Global 2018 just to name a few. Outside of his work, Ian is a Board Member of the Student Voice Foundation. He is an avid reader, loves to play video games and basketball, and hang out with his friends.