Mr. Erskine Reeves is a man of many talents. Master educator, barber, stylist, entrepreneur, business consultant, and a trendsetter. He coined and created the “Man Weave” technique. Through his expansive platform, he’s been able to teach his technique and was featured on radio and day time television talk shows such as ‘The Real’ for his ingenuity. Reeves’ hairstyling barber techniques have graced the television and billboards all across the country. His talent has catapulted him into the world of celebrity with NBA players and other notable people seeking him for his work. Erskine holds a cabinet full of awards from several competitions including Bronner Brothers International and Proud Lady Barber Competitions. Additionally, Erskine Reeves sits on the board of Directors for the Illinois Association of Cosmetology Schools as Secretary/Treasurer and owns the Erskine Reeves Barbers and Erskine Reeves Salon. Along with the salon and barbershop, Mr.Reeves owns Erskine Reeves Barber Academy where he gives underserved youth the opportunity to learn the craft of barbering and “Cultivate The Entrepreneur Barber” within!